Understanding the 4 Stages of Video Selling

Article Contributed by Jeremy Mendoza, Founder & CEO of AnnexQ

Video selling is about delivering the right video at the right time with relevant content. Currently, over 70% of B2B marketers depend on video marketing.

For each stage in your sales funnel, you need to create a relevant video. There are several ideas and theories when it comes to the marketing funnel. Most experts advise having a sales funnel with only four stages. Though there may technically be several other steps in between each stage, a four-stage funnel keeps it simple.

If you are considering hiring a videographer, you may consider hiring a video strategist instead. A video strategist will not only help create videos, but they will also be able to help monitor the performance of each video and ensure that the videos are properly formatted for every stage.

4 Stages of Video Selling

1. Create Awareness
Create videos that make your prospects aware of your products/services and how you can solve their problems. Use content that inspires, entertains, and educates your prospects. Create content that will guide them to the next stage of your sales funnel. While prospecting, for instance, start with a personalized video message then move to promotional/videos, thought-leadership videos, and brand videos.

2. Present your Solution
During this phase, your prospects are starting to clearly identify their problems and are getting closer to solving them. They are looking at their available options. Content that would be useful at this stage include tutorials, product demos, and explainer videos.

Be careful not to produce ‘vanity videos’ that puts a focus on your company’s growth and achievements. Instead, these videos should focus on how your solution can be used and implemented with ease as well as solve your prospects’ problems.

3. Gain Buyer Commitment
During this stage, your prospects have clearly defined problems and know what you can offer to help them. They are just moments away from becoming your customer, therefore you
need to build trust and present social proof. This is a great time to share proposal videos and testimonial videos. When you finally win the deal, send a nice thank you video.

4. Retain and Upsell/Cross-sell
Your customer has successfully implemented your solution and is happy with the results. This is where training videos, quick-start, and trouble-shooting videos come in handy. Keep your clients informed. Send videos introducing new product offerings.

Convey the Right Message from the Start
Your sales pitch can only be as effective as your message. The way you structure your message in your video is very important, which means that your video should be highly engaging from the start. Do not start your video with a meaningless intro like a logo flying in with special effects and music. The first 5-15 seconds are critical in getting your audience to watch the entire video.

Any video you create is useless until your target audience sees it. In addition to having it on your website, place it in emails, social media posts, and create a YouTube channel that people can subscribe to. It is an essential component of a successful content marketing strategy, along with your sales process, and it should be among the top priorities of any business as we head into 2021.

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