“Hire Right, Higher Profits”

How many times have you hired who you believed to be a great salesperson – only to walk that person out the door three months later? We’ve all done it. In Hire Right Higher Profits, Lee Salz presents a methodology to never have that experience again!

Hire Right, Higher Profitspresents a unique perspective – that each salesperson represents a revenue investment made by the company. Salz teaches you how to make informed revenue investment decisions and get a high rate of return on every revenue investment. Simply put, he teaches you how to hire right and generate higher profits.

In Hire Right, Higher Profits, you learn to:

• Shift your executive team’s perspective from hiring salespeople to investing in revenue
• Identify the factors that affect revenue investment performance – the causes of salesperson success or failure
• Assemble a candidate evaluation program to contrast candidates with the performance factors
• Protect the revenue investment through structured sales onboarding
• Design sales onboarding curriculum to get a fast, high return on the new revenue investments

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