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Susan Penn

CEO & Founder: Embold Coaching & Consulting, Inc.
Industry:Management & Business Consulting

Summary:  Susan Penn, M.A., works with individuals to expand their fluency and capacity to effectively lead in business and in their lives. With over 20 years as an Organizational and Leadership Development executive, Susan provides a deep understanding of both human behavior and the challenges of the corporate world. Offering extensive experience advising senior executive leadership and providing coaching and consulting services, she offers keen assessment capabilities, a generative and provocative ability to view challenges through a new lens, and support for leaders to act from purpose in a more effective, connected way.

“I’m contacted by organizations to work with highly successful leaders who are being groomed for even greater success. However, there’s often an obstacle, a blind spot that is affecting their capacity, their confidence, their self-perception and/or how they are viewed by others. The aim of my work both individually and organizationally is to help them remove this, and replace it with practices and behaviors that serve the leader and the ecosystem.”

Who is your target customer? Executives/individuals committed to growing their competency and capacity as a leader, and organizations investing in the success of their leadership.

What sets you apart from the competition? I provide leaders and organizations a glimpse into their ‘leadership superpowers.’ These are practices that are often simple, accessible, and pragmatic and create small shifts that create big results. It’s the ‘first domino’ effect, which is finding the one obstacle, the one behavior or mindset upon which make all the others follow suit. Once removed, once a shift in action and mindset has changed, reality changes both in the way leaders perceive themselves and the way others experience them.

I also work somatically with leaders, which is one of the most progressive, researched and impactful ways to work to develop stronger communication skills and presence. As it turns out, just as much as emotions affect the body (and leadership IS an emotional competency), the body can affect the emotions. And we know how important how we ‘show up’ as leaders in building trust, collaboration, functional teams and positive organizational ecosystems. Working with how the leader is messaging themselves and others, and supporting awareness in this way can create lasting change, in business and in life.

When you are not working, what do you like to do? Hiking, workshops, travel, biking, playing with my Shepsky, and hanging with friends.

Contact Me:
Phone: (858) 513-2649