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Roxanne Rapske

Franchise Consultant at FranNet

Industry: Services

Summary: For the past eleven years, I have been working with individuals looking to find the right franchise opportunity in San Diego. As a FranNet franchisee associate, I use FranNet’s proven franchise matching system and my own unique experience in the business world to consult with my clients to match them to a franchise that offers the best personal and professional fit for them.
I have worked with hundreds of would be entrepreneurs to help them realize their dreams of franchise and small business ownership. After creating a profile that reflects their skill sets, interests, experience, finances, and goals, I consult with them on options that offer the best opportunities for them to achieve what matters most to them.
Prior to beginning my current career path, I spent twenty years in various roles in the mortgage banking industry. I also understand how daunting finding and starting a business can be, because I have also applied the same strategies I use with my clients to my personal life not once, but twice as my husband and I found and started a franchise. Hence, every process I write about, I have experienced first-hand.
I work with transitioning or laid-off executives, transitioning military, the underemployed and those unhappy with their corporate environment to determine if a franchise business is the right fit for them. I help business owners, investors, or those currently employed looking to diversify or create an additional revenue stream by teaching them about the “manager-run” options available to them in the world of franchising. I demystify and debunk many of the myths around franchising – like it’s all food and retail.
I work with local organizations like the Small Business Development Center and the Small Business Administration as well as local schools and universities to provide the community at large information about franchising and on the numerous franchise opportunities in San Diego. I have been interviewed twice on the subject of franchising by San Diego’s SBA radio.

Who is your target customer? Someone in a job transition. Someone looking to create an additional revenue stream (working or not or self-employed). Someone looking to start a business and step out of corporate America. Junior & Senior officers getting ready to transition out of the military.

Who is your primary contact? Outplacement agencies, career couselors or coaches, life coaches, CPA’s, financial advisors, commercial R.E. brokers, Insurance agents, HR leaders at company’s getting ready for lay-offs.

What sets you apart from the competition? FranNet is the longest standing franchise consulting company and the only one that has a principal on the board of the International Franchise Association. We have also implemented a “client bill of rights” to set us apart from our competition.
I take a very personal interest in my clients to help them decide if franchise / business ownership is right for them or NOT. My reputation in the community is very important to me. I would rather not place a client than place them and have it be the wrong decision for them. unlike many of my competitors that work nationally and don’t have a presence in their community. I provide stellar customer service and a wealth of education for my clients. FranNet has developed many tools to assist and educate our clients that others do not.

When you are not working, what do you like to do? Spend time with my family, enjoy the outdoors, fitness & being active. Life-long learning on subjects that interest me. Self development.

Contact Me:
(760) 977-0200