Meet Our Members

Robert Bobbett

Executive Vice President Sales and Marketing at FPComplete

Industry: Computer Software


At FP Complete we combine senior software and DevOps engineering expertise with world-class tools and best practices at each stage of the DevOps toolchain. Our proven approach ensures your software will be released quickly with the minimum amount of downtime and errors. When it comes to building back-end software that runs your business, on-premise or in the cloud, we can do it better (less errors), faster (rapid software cycles), and less expensive (no delays). Most importantly, we have world class capabilities in using the Haskell programming language to deliver exceptional results. Haskell is a functional programming language that is inherently efficient, secure, and compact. Whether it’s Haskell, or any other language, we have the skills to deliver any solution.

We fill the gap in your organization between your software development team, systems operations, and quality assurance. We merge these traditionally siloed teams so that they operate efficiently. We take a holistic view of the entire toolchain to ensure your software will be designed to serve the entire business and not each team’s agenda. We will take on the role of providing the management responsibility to ensure your project is completed on time and on budget. We will train your teams to embrace the changes required to facilitate the DevOps process. Most importantly, we will solve the universal problem statement “It worked when we tested it, I don’t understand why it’s not working in production”. That’s when the finger pointing starts and things begin to break down. We don’t allow that to happen. Our benefits include:

Increased service quality
Increased reliability of service delivery
Increased customer value through responsiveness to change
Increased customer satisfaction through better usability
Reduce bottleneck through knowledge transfer between teams
Increase employee satisfaction by creating holistic value
Improve employee attitudes through collaboration

Robert was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada but was raised in Sydney, Nova Scotia Canada. He immigrated the USA in 2004. Robert has a Bachelor of Computer Science degree from Dalhousie University in Halifax, Canada and an MBA from the University of New Brunswick in Fredericton, New Brunswick Canada. Robert has 5 children with his wife Donna Kashani who is a well-respected Child and Adolescent Child Psychiatrist.

Who is your target customer? Typically companies in life sciences, financial services, secure internet services, or any company that is looking to improve how they develop and deploy cloud-based software.

Who is your primary contact? CIO, CTO, VP of Software Development/Engineering

What sets you apart from the competition? We are world renowned for the use of the Haskell programming language and its application in DevOps and Server Software Development. Haskell is a Functional Programming language, thus the FP in FPComplete, which has proven to be five times more efficient in writing code and is not subject to runtime errors like traditional programming languages. When we build it, it will run the same, every time. We rely on open source technology to ensure the ongoing operation of our technology, by our customers, is free of licensing charges. Our engineers work from locations across the globe, and we only hire the best and brightest to ensure the projects we work on are completed on time and on or under budget.

When you are not working, what do you like to do? Play ice hockey in my gentlemen’s hockey league, work in my vegetable garden, write code on my computer , and hit the gym to burn some calories.

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