Meet Our Members

Noushin Dunkelman

Founder at MaxSynergy

Industry: Healthcare & Life Sciences

Summary: I specialize in consulting with companies to help streamline internal operations and communication so that everyone is working in the same direction. With over 25 years of experience at all levels, I can identify where the roadblocks are, and where processes need to be improved. I help CEOs leverage their vision to create a productive corporate culture and work with the leadership team to create clear expectations, consistent feedback, and accountability for greater performance. Coach and mentor team members manage internal disagreements. I use my industry experience to brainstorm solutions, create processes/norms, and guide implementation.

Who is your target customer? Biotech companies.

Who is your primary contact? ECO, COO and board members.

What sets you apart from the competition? Having been in biotech for over 25 years (from bench to executive level), I’ve been through many of the same situations that most organizations face. I have learned the unique pitfalls — and remedies that work best. I have first-hand experience in effectively coaching and mentoring teams to deliver on company goals and objectives.

When you are not working, what do you like to do? Fly fishing, hiking, reading

Contact Me:
(858) 361-9447