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Janet Andrews

CEO, Executive Career Coach at A Career Above

Industry:Management & Business Consulting

Summary: Janet Andrews, CEO/Founder of ‘A Career Above,’ is a highly successful Executive Career Transition Coach, Job Search Strategist, LinkedIn Specialist and Executive Résumé-Writer. She has 26 years’ experience helping thousands of individuals from coast to coast demystify the job search process, take their career to the next level and find emerging, best-fit opportunities that align with their passion, expertise, and values.

Providing encouragement, sage insights and a positive perspective along the way, Janet helps clients crystallize a career vision, identify their unique value proposition, strategize their job search, develop a competitive advantage and increase marketability online, in person and on paper. In addition, she helps clients to articulate strengths and success stories, prepare for behavioral interviews, and negotiate compensation with win-win strategies.

With 97 Recommendations and over 13K connections on LinkedIn, Janet specializes in a proven, step-by-step process and comprehensive, in-depth programs, from soup to nuts, that result in senior executives and senior managers finding their dream job faster and easier than they could on their own.

Janet has a Master of Arts Degree in Counseling Psychology from Pepperdine University, is certified by the Career Planning and Adult Development Network as an International Career/Transition Coach and was selected as the 2017 and 2018 “SMLA Member of the Year.”

Who is your target customer? Executives and Senior Managers

Who is your primary contact? Executives seeking a new role or currently in transition.

What sets you apart from the competition?


  • Gain a competitive edge & become head & shoulders above the competition
  • Save time with a proven, step-by-step process that works
  • Uncover emerging opportunities & tap the hidden job market
  • Utilize powerful strategies for accelerating results
  • Identify strengths, brand & unique value proposition
  • Enjoy a dynamic, executive resume that commands a higher salary
  • Optimize/Leverage LinkedIn to gain visibility
  • Be found by Recruiters & Hiring Managers
  • Increase likeability & EQ in every step
  • Ace the interview & be selected as the #1 candidate
  • Negotiate a higher compensation package

When you are not working, what do you like to do?Go to movies, walk at the beach, visit museums, travel to the Bay Area and Hawaii

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(858) 775-7551