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SMLA_JackJack Kelly

Principal at Corlea Group

Industry: Sales and Account Acceleration Consulting

Summary: My expertise is helping business to business services companies create effective sales organizations.

I provide expert assistance in Sales & Account Management Strategy, Leadership, Methodology, Tools and Execution. I ensure alignment and integration with the organization’s values and goals.

I create an understanding of how the right personnel focused on the right metrics, based on the right activity, with the right prospects will drive sustained, profitable growth.

Leveraging our proprietary Account Acceleration!TM as the cornerstone of our approach, we quickly determine where our clients should focus to drive growth. We get up to speed on the value chain of a business, where the blockages are to their growth and then collaborate with to create the right growth organization. This process is called Sales Acceleration!TM.

I understand the mind and the challenges of entrepreneurs and sales executives challenged with continuously innovating, evaluating and executing in a dynamic sales landscape.

My goal is to elevate how a company engages in the sales process with existing and prospective clients driving increased Sales Team satisfaction and productivity, quota attainment, speed of sales, profitability and client longevity.

Board Memberships: World Trade Center San Diego Board of Directors, Founder San Diego Business Services Alliance, Notre Dame Academy Board of Advisors

Who is your target customer? Business to Business Services companies, CEO centric, $5 million in revenue and up

Who is your primary target contact? Founder, CEO, SVP of Sales

What sets you apart from the competition? 
The ability to quickly create short, intermediate and long term growth opportunities. We have a proprietary quick start tool to help identify core strengths of a business, where they need to improve while identifying new business opportunities. It’s the foundation of our engagements and drives real, measurable results.

When you are not working, what do you like to do? Coach my kids sports teams, stay active with my community via school, non-profit groups. Play golf!

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