Meet Our Members

Dean Braunstein

Principal Consultant, at JZL MARKETING

Industry: Marketing and Advertising

Summary: JLZ MARKETING is a boutique consultancy focused on helping B2B companies build their brand, launch products, create demand and generate leads. While the lines between consumer and business focused marketing have become blurred, they are still distinct disciplines as the relationship between emotional and rational purchase drivers differs greatly with each audience. We are passionate about B2B and have a specialty in SaaS platforms.

Who is your target customer? B2B companies

What sets you apart from the competition?
 Despite what you may hear, marketing to businesses is different than marketing to consumers. While emotional and rational purchase drivers play a role in every buying decision, it is their relationship that dictates whether your brand or product is the chosen one.

Business purchase decisions are more complex. They oftentimes involve stakeholders from various departments each with their own specialty and priority. How do you provide the right information at the right time for each audience?

Business purchase cycles are longer. Changing suppliers or moving to a SaaS platform are big decisions. How do you create the right communications strategy to build brand equity and generate demand so that your product is top of mind?

The business solution marketplace is crowded. From large corporations to startups, there is a lot of noise vying for your audience’s attention. What is the right combination of marketing strategies to generate leads in such an environment?

These are the questions that we answer every day for our B2B clients. Our passion and focus are creating customized integrated marketing strategies to achieve business goals.

When you are not working, what do you like to do? Family, carpentry, following professional sports.

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Phone: (858) 461.9881