Meet Our Members

Dea SimonDea Simon

Sales & Marketing Operations Consultant

Industry: Marketing

Summary: Dea works alongside sales and marketing leaders to build, implement, and train on the processes and tools organizations need in order to understand and manage their prospects; from entry into the marketing funnel through the end of their sales pipeline. As a Certified Administrator of (and several other CRM tools) with 20 years of international experience, she is uniquely qualified to build a process that works for both sales representatives (easy and intuitive) and their managers (accurate and reportable data and sales metrics). Additional areas of expertise include: marketing operations process, marketing automation/CRM integration, and management of international sales meetings and tradeshows.

Board Memberships: Committee Member-Include Autism

Who is your target customer? My target customer is not limited by location, industry or budget. I work with small companies (20 – 100 employees) nationwide that require assistance preparing to scale their sales and marketing operations for future growth.

Who is your primary target contact? CEO, EVP/VP Sales, EVP/VP Marketing

What sets you apart from the competition?
 I have worked with and for field sales reps, I truly understand their needs. I am also responsible for providing board meeting numbers; I know how critical the accuracy and timeliness of the data needs to be, and it drives my desire for automation and ease of use for both front- and back-end users.

When you are not working, what do you like to do? ? I mentor girls through Girl Scouts USA, I read constantly, and I enjoy spending time in the kitchen with my kids!
Contact Me:
Phone: (858) 848-7443