Meet Our Members

Darlene Byrne

Director of Marketing at US, Reliance Worldwide Corp.

Industry:Wholesale & Manufacturing

Summary: I am a Senior Marketing professional with 16 years experience in marketing communications, sales/marketing campaigns and comprehensive marketing plans in the Building Materials industry.

Who is your target customer?Plumbing & Mechanical Contractors, Wholesale Distribution and Plumbing Engineers

What sets you apart from the competition?My enthusiasm, drive, and endurance. My passion for my work can spill over to those around me. I will make decisions and push forward with tenacity. I am willing to challenge the status quo. By identifying opportunity and finding pragmatic solutions I am well-suited for challenging those around me to stretch themselves and therefore developing talent within my team. I am a high energy, active person who has strong initiative. I can sometimes be driven to do things in a certain way just to shake things up and get people re-energized. I enjoy being the outspoken shaper who provides action-oriented leadership and who has a willingness to take charge.

When you are not working, what do you like to do? I love to travel, swim, scuba dive and cook. Mostly I love being with my two daughters, listening to their laughter.

Contact Me:
Phone: (858) 705-1008