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SMLA_Daniel-HymanDaniel Hyman

Chief Innovation Accelerator/ Corporate Shaman at Universal Leadership

Industry: Experiential Leadership Development

Summary: I’m a shaman who uses my spiritual gifts, wisdom, and knowledge to help leaders see in the dark and infuse their purpose and passion into their leadership.

My journey began in 2007 when I encountered my own spiritual awakening and fully committed to my spiritual practice. At the time, I had a successful career in business, but hungered for a more creative, passionate, and purpose-driven life. By deepening my understanding and knowledge of the energy centers that live within the human spirit, I started experiencing positive changes in my life; changes that inspired me to learn and develop energy healing and awakening skills as a shaman.

As I built my practice and saw the transformation my clients made as individuals, I realized the impact this same work could have on companies as a collective. Around that time, I met Mark Hunter, an executive and leadership coach. I was inspired by his work and took on additional training as an ontological coach and trainer.

I learned the power of taking the awareness and understanding gained through spiritual practice and igniting it with meaningful action. This holistic approach propelled me to partner with Mark to create Universal Leadership, a company designed to help leaders innovate from the place of the human spirit to create and produce results at levels they couldn’t on their own.

Through my organizations, I’m an official business partner of, a non-profit dedicated to preventing rain forest destruction.

Above all, I am a humble servant to humanity with an unwavering passion and driving purpose to be an example of what’s possible by integrating the power of the human spirit and spiritual practice into all areas of our life, specifically leadership.

Who is your target customer? Leaders and Innovators at a local, national & global level.

Who is your primary target contact? Mid level managers – C suite executives for privately held and publicly traded companies.

What sets you apart from the competition?

When you are not working, what do you like to do? When I’m not working, I enjoy traveling, cardio boxing, and spending time with friends. One of my favorite places is Mt. Shasta, California. I currently reside in Maryland and have a daughter named Sydney.

Contact Me:
Phone: (410) 294-0304