Meet Our Members

Christi Keating

Content Marketing Strategist, Managed Solution

Industry: Services

Summary: Self-styled Digital Marketing Ninja. My skills include Lead Generation, Marketing Automation, Email Marketing, Event Coordination, Social Media Marketing, PPC, Blogging & SEO, and more. Working with clients in a variety of industries ranging from service-based industries to e-commerce clients to the IT industry has enhanced my knowledge to become an Inbound Marketing Specialist. I also understand the importance of marketing and sales collaborating to create a rapport and gather information all while providing valuable solutions to your prospects and current customers. With my diverse background in both Sales and Marketing, I know exactly what it takes to turn a lead from first point of contact into a loyal customer.

When you are not working, what do you like to do? Travel, go to the beach, play volleyball, attend concerts, watch football and baseball

Contact Me:
(858) 429-3085