Meet Our Members

Celina Guerrero

CEO at Tessellate Partners

Industry: Marketing and Advertising

Summary: Tessellate Partners makes the creation and delivery of marketing and sales content, easy. Hire us month-to-month, or on an as-needed basis.

CEOs, Managing Partners, Founders and VP, Sales or Marketing value our ability to deliver diverse marketing skills from one company that serves as a partner, familiar with their brand, on-demand, when they need us. No long-term commitment required.

Tessellate Partners provides the quality, consistency and breadth of a marketing agency with the flexibility and cost-efficiency of a freelancer.

Who is your target customer? B2B Service Businesses

Who is your primary contact? CEOs, Managing Partners, Founders and VP, Sales or Marketing

What sets you apart from the competition? Business today moves fast. Companies need to be responsive, agile and creative to keep pace.

We help them do that with their marketing and sales content by providing on-demand, a la carte content and campaigns.

When you are not working, what do you like to do? Host parties for family and friends. Try to stay off the computer.

Contact Me:
(310) 994-8099