Meet Our Members

Amanda Rogers

Director of Marketing, Possibilities Consulting, LLC

Industry: Management & Business Consulting

Summary: Our mission is to maximize human potential in the workplace.

Our 1:1 leadership coaching programs assist you in developing your ability to mobilize, inspire, challenge and lead others.
Our culture initiatives start at the top and address the core values of the company, coaching the C- suite through the process and then helping spread the new and or redesigned inspiring culture throughout the organization.

Our Office Tune-Up is a day-long accountability and communication booster specifically for teams of 5 – 25.
Our 3-day Emotional Intelligence seminars for individuals or teams are the kick-start to a life lived fully with clear goals, accountability, and joy.

Board Memberships: Advisory Board- University of San Diego- School of Leadership and Education Sciences; Founding Member- Princess Project; Women’s Leadership Council- United Way of San Diego County

Who is your target customer?CEOs and Team Leaders

What sets you apart from the competition? We teach leadership through the lens of Emotional Intelligence. Up to now, these skills have generally been viewed as second priority, shuffled off as “the soft skills”, cut from budgets along with employee fun days when the budget gets tight. For better or worse, these are the skills that will be essential to anyone who wants to stay relevant in their field as automated systems proliferate.

When you are not working, what do you like to do?Golf, Horseback ride, hiking

Contact Me:
Phone: (888) 987-6774