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Founder and President

HIRE Consulting Services

Industry:  Executive Career Transition Coaching / Corporate Talent Selection and Team Analytics

Summary: Mark James, CPC is the Founder and President of HIRE Consulting Services, established in 1999. Based in Carlsbad, he is a Certified Personnel Consultant and has provided executive career transition coaching, interview preparation and executive search consulting services for over 25 years.  Mark brings a positive approach to executive job search — enabling clients to develop professional brand identity, executive career assessment to leverage their strengths, executive resume development, articulate their networking messages and passions, and the job search process, career management planning and professional objectives.  Since 2005, Mark has hosted and facilitated the CareerNET Executive Leadership Network Meeting (formerly ExecuNet).

Mark is also a Certified Partner with Predictive Index Behavior and Learning Indicator Assessments focused on corporate talent management and acquisition.  Resume screening is not a strategy. The Predictive Index solution will scientifically measure everything you cannot see on a resume and help good leaders become great! The PI solution pairs the biggest predictors together to give you over half the picture as to whether or not someone will perform in this new role even before they set foot inside your building.

Who is your target customer?  Executives in career transition or planning to make a job change. Companies with 50-1000 employees in all industries.

Who is your primary target contact? All C-Suite Level Executives, CEO, President, Business Owner, Senior HR Executives

What sets you apart from the competition?  Being an executive coach and an executive recruiter for over 25 years has allowed me to provide a very unique perspective to hundreds of executives I have worked with that needed to improve their focus on managing their career paths to new levels of success. “Job Security is the Ability to Secure a Job!”

When you are not working, what do you like to do? Golfing , Snow Skiing, Hiking, Blogging and Reading

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