What are our expectations of people on the frontline?

By Rob Swette, Managing Partner, Sales Growth Associates | Sandler Training

What are our expectations of people on the frontline? We’re asking them to make outgoing calls, cross-sell and up-sell along with the expectations of providing higher service levels. But are we preparing them to do these tasks well, or are we setting them up for failure?

Are you maximizing your inside business development efforts?

  • Do your customer service and inside sales people have the skills and confidence to recognize a business opportunity?
  • Do they too often provide “free consulting” and give out free information to people who are just “shopping around”?
  • Do they lack the questioning and qualifying skills to get to the heart of the prospect’s needs? Have you ever cringed listening to what your inside sales people say to prospects on the phone?
  • Is there more business available, but sales are often missed?

A customer service provider must be a professional communicator. Every customer and prospect is different and our ability to establish a trust relationship quickly is essential in solving their problems, developing long-term customers, and creating a relationship based on loyalty beyond the product or service.

Typically, people are more comfortable interacting with others who are like themselves. But what about those people who aren’t like us? This is where the DISC Communication and Behavioral Assessment helps. DISC helps us understand a theory about human behavior that dates back to 1928. It helps us identify our style, read and understand another person’s dominant style, and once identified, we can modify our style to our customers’ style to facilitate optimum communication.

The ability to craft and ask compelling questions is one of the great skills we can develop in customer service and inside sales. Well-crafted questions can cut through smoke and mirrors, help to clarify our customers’ thinking and get us to the right solutions more directly.

Most customer service providers accept the fact that part of their job requires them to up-sell; cross sell; search out new business; understand customers; and deal with difficult people. Not to mention telephone and email etiquette. In customer service the real success comes when you FOCUS ON THEM!

Rob Swette is Managing Partner of Sales Growth Associates | Sandler Training in Carlsbad
(760) 579-7316 | sga.sandler.com

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