5 Steps to improve your messaging: How to deliver presentations that are convincing, compelling and memorable

By Phil Sallaway, Product Manager, SalesForceMaven.com
Orange County Sales Leadership Alliance Meeting- May 2015
Presented by Fia Fasbinder, Presentation Skills Coach at The MOXIE Institute

Well I hate to admit it but I was expecting something like the advice I got as a young man aspiring to be an Orator…. “Stand up, Speak up then Shut up” or “Say what you are going to say, Say it, Say what you said” Well I was Wrong. Fia went way beyond that basic stuff.

To start with she explained why we all have some hard wired Stage Fright. Standing alone, surrounded by others who are all staring at you in pre-historic times usually meant you were Lunch. Or how survey after survey says many people fear public speaking more than death..! The Good News She said was audiences are all hoping that you will succeed; the audience is pulling for you!

Without a doubt, Fia gets an “A” for audience participation. She had us all up and practicing projecting our speaking voices. Practicing good breathing, pitch, volume, and emphasis. Not bad considering her audience was full of crusty sales folks who certainly aren’t afraid to talk. We all learned about the MOXIE method.

M Move your mouth, open it wider it projects sincerity and promotes trust
O Oxygen, good deep breaths oxygenates your blood & brain thinks better
X Excite your Audience
I If factor can be reduced by Rehearsing 5 to 7 times
E Enjoy the experience

Good breathing energizes your speaking, and helps promote better projection. Excite your audience with verbal variety: Emphasis, Vary Pitch, Change Volume, and use phrasing (like a series of sound bites). Scan your audience and make eye contact briefly with as many folks as you can, it makes them feel connected. She recommended rehearsing 5-7 times aloud yes aloud, but no more. Over rehearsing can, cause the speech to sound canned. By rehearsing just enough to have a good strong grasp of the key points that you want to make but you leave room to ad lib and mold the speech to the situation. This allows you to Enjoy, Yes Enjoy the actual Speaking event because it is not the first time for you.

Her top Two tips: 1. Deep breathing and 2. Deliver the message from your heart.

The deadly sins: 1. Make it Boring 2. Stare at the screen (vs talking to the audience) 3. Let the Slides tell your whole story.

Over all a great presentation with some outstanding take aways on how to be a better at public speaking.

About the author:
Phil Sallaway| Product Manager|SalesForceMaven.com
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Phil Sallaway is a Sales Leadership Alliance member with 20 years of business experience.  He has managed product lines as large as $50 Million.  Career highlights include: placing a product on the “This Old House” TV program and being published in many national trade publications. He has been a voting member on a joint ISA, ANSI, IEC standards committee. Phil is currently the Product Manager at SalesForceMaven.com

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