4 ways to separate yourself from the herd!

By Rob Swette, Managing Partner, Sales Growth Associates | Sandler Training

Common problem #1:Salespeople talk too much.
The prospect/customer should be talking 70% of the time and the salesperson should be talking 30%. Salespeople “show up and throw up” their product knowledge assuming something is going to stick with the prospect. The reality is most people aren’t interested.

Common problem #2: Salespeople don’t listen.
Think of your three closest friends. Why are they your friends? Probably because they listen. They provide feedback that is in your best interest. By asking questions and really listening (taking notes is okay by the way) you are showing the prospect you really care.

Common problem #3:Salespeople avoid talking about money.
Many salespeople wait until the end of the meeting to discuss money or avoid the subject entirely. They believe that if people fall in love with the product or service they’ll pay the price. That’s not reality.

Common problem #4: Buyers have a system, salespeople usually don’t.
The buyer’s system is designed to get as much information as possible and to be in control of the situation. The prospect’s system is designed to turn sales people into unpaid consultants. By following a system you’ll know what’s happening to you on each sales call and more importantly you’ll know what to do about it!

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Rob Swette is Managing Partner of Sales Growth Associates | Sandler Training in Carlsbad
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