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Janet Andrews

CEO, Executive Career Coach at A Career Above

Industry:Management & Business Consulting

Summary: Are you conducting a job search for an exciting new role? As an Executive Career & Job Search Coach with 27 years’ experience, I help executive clients become a job search magnet, get referred into their target companies and create visibility to be found by Hiring Managers and Recruiters. Going it alone can take twice the time and effort and be more costly in the long run than hiring a Career Coach.

My passion is helping executives move their career to the next level and land the perfect job that aligns with their passion, values, skills, expertise and compensation requirements.

Leading with the heart, I offer insight into how a highly effective and meaningful job search works. I integrate consciousness, compassion, sensitivity and humor into the coaching experience, while offering a positive perspective and encouragement every step of the way to champion clients and their process.

Through comprehensive, all-inclusive programs and proven strategies, I have helped thousands of clients find exciting new opportunities, make an impact and create significance to better our world.

🔹 Gain a competitive edge to be head & shoulders above the competition
🔹 Save time with a proven, step-by-step process that works
🔹 Uncover emerging opportunities & tap the hidden job market
🔹 Utilize powerful strategies for accelerating results
🔹 Identify strengths, brand & unique value proposition
🔹 Enjoy a dynamic, senior executive resume that commands a higher salary
🔹 Optimize/Leverage LinkedIn to gain visibility
🔹 Be found by Recruiters & Hiring Managers
🔹 Increase like ability & EQ with every step
🔹 Ace the interview & be selected as the #1 candidate
🔹 Negotiate a higher compensation package

Executive Career Coach, Career Transition, Outplacement Services, LinkedIn, Networking, Branding, Interviews, Salary Negotiation, Job Search, Resumes, Biotech, Life Science, Medical Devices, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Pharmacy, Diagnostics, IT, Technology, Operations, Finance, Sales, Marketing

Who is your target customer? Executives and Senior Managers seeking a new role

Who is your primary contact? Janet Andrews

What sets you apart from the competition?
🔹 27 years of experience as a Career Coach across all industries throughout the U.S. to help candidates make a quantum leap into launching a successful job search campaign.
🔹 Depth of experience working with the C-Suite, Executives & Sr. Managers in Tech, IT, Biotech, Healthcare, Pharma, Medical Devices, Operations, Sales & Marketing.
🔹 Exceptionally talented in all areas of executive job search success to help clients execute strategic action steps and attain extraordinary results faster.
🔹 Specifically teach clients how to tap the hidden job market, find emerging opportunities, negotiate salary and land their dream job, working in their passion at the salary they are seeking.
🔹 1-Stop Shop – Offer comprehensive, in-depth programs with a step-by step process, multiple benefits, bonuses and a huge ROI to create success.
🔹 Provide introductions to executives in clients’ target companies on LinkedIn to help them effectively network their way in.
🔹 Received over 100 Recommendations on LinkedIn from satisfied clients and now have over 15K connections.
🔹 Offer accountability, encouragement, heartfelt support, positivity psychology and best practices during every phase of the job search.
🔹 Help clients integrate branding, networking, LinkedIn and innovative marketing strategies to generate referrals, leads and introductions.

When you are not working, what do you like to do? Live a healthy lifestyle; hike and travel; explore quantum physics, cosmology, oneness and ancient history. Love Sonoma and Hawaii!

Contact Me:
(858) 775-7551