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Garrett Cp;bert (2)Garrett Colbert

Business Development at Parrish Partners
Client Relations at Wayferry

Industry: Management & Business Consulting



Parrish Partners is a leadership and management consulting company. Since 2003, we have served as a catalyst for our clients to grow, change, and achieve unprecedented results. With trusted relationships as a foundation, our services have grown from executive coaching to executive search, leadership training, technology services, M&A advisory, and more. We are honored to serve a broad range of industries across all stages of development, from start-ups to elite private companies and Fortune 50. Based in Orange County, California, our partnerships extend nationally and internationally, enabling us to make a difference across the globe.

Who is your target customer? Companies that care about their associates and want them to be successful. Revenue over $100m.

Who is your primary target contact? CFO and other C-Level contacts

What sets you apart from the competition? Parrish Partners takes a 3D approach to working with executives – IQ, EQ, and CQ. Our approach is to customize our solutions to each company’s unique challenges.


At Wayferry we minimize the pain of major software purchases.  There are 4 phases to every Wayferry software evaluation & selection project:
1. Requirements – Develop a comprehensive requirements list, even finding requirements you don’t know you need. For each requirement,
find out who wants it, why they want it, and how important it is to them.
2. Evaluation – Manage RFIs / RFPs. Use our gap analysis app to measure how well software product candidates meet your particular needs.
Verify your requirements match market offerings.
3. Selection – Arrange the demos, gather & summarize feedback. Facilitate selecting the software. Audit & validate RFI to eliminate
exaggerated vendor sales claims. Check references. Assist with vendor negotiations.
4. Post-purchase – Information collected is delivered to the implementation project manager. Because no significant new requirements are
discovered during implementation, the software goes live on time, within budget with a minimum of business disruption.

Who is your target customer? 200+ employees with 10% annual growth

Who is your primary target contact? CFO, CEO, CIO

What sets you apart from the competition? We minimize the pain of major software selection for our clients. Since we are working for our clients and not the software vendors, we provide our clients with a totally unbiased, data-driven solution. The key values Wayferry provides:
1. We help our clients select the software that best fit their requirements
2. Our clients will know how well the software will work before the purchase is made
3. Implementation teams will finish on time and within budget
4. Organization expectations will be set and user buy-in will be maximized

When you are not working, what do you like to do? Enjoy family & friends, golf, tennis, and reading.

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