How an Introvert Became a Super Connector…!

By Phil Sallaway, Product Manager,

This mornings Sales Leadership Alliance meeting was about the transformation of and Introvert aka Sales VP Sven Johnston of Giga Savvy into a Super Connector who drove record sales in the highly saturated Social Media & Web Design Market.

Sven told us of his humble beginnings as an Austrian Transplant working as a Travel Agent in Australia. He moved to Orange County, CA and re-invented himself into a super connector. It was not an overnight transition. His key suggestions are:

► Don’t post strong opinions or polarizing views online (particularly publicly) once it’s on the web it is there for ever…..

► At Networking events ask lots of questions, don’t pitch…

► After the Networking event three things to do…Follow up, Follow up, Follow up… Sven says 90% don’t ever Follow up …Ever.

► He believes that Linkedin is looking at profiles that have more endorsements in the search term that is being searched and ranking those with more higher.

► Play Phone Roulette … Thumb through your phones contacts and call your contacts at random to catch up. He often does this while driving to make good use of drive time.

Sven Johnston is a Partner & SVP of Business Development at Giga Savvy. He was the person who got Linkedin to recognize Orange County, CA with it’s own regional location code. He is well know for giving back to the community through his Linkedin Classes at Saddleback Church Jobs Ministry.

Phil Sallaway| Product Manager|

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