Take Stock: Three Powerful Questions to Keep Your Life on Track

By S’Marie Young, CPCC, Bold Aspiration Coaching

Am I enjoying myself?
Am I learning?
Am I making a difference?

This simple check-in is something I learned from Michael Farrington, Nuvasive VP of Global Marketing, who was featured at the 2019 kickoff meeting for Sales and Marketing Leadership Alliance, San Diego Chapter. Michael asks himself these three questions on a daily basis and I think they are an excellent way to determine where you stand.

This check-in can be used broadly for life in general, specifically for career, job, relationships or any given situation. I love it because it covers all three centers of intelligence: heart, head, and body. “Am I enjoying myself?” is a question for the heart, the emotional center of intelligence. “Am I learning?” taps the head, the mental center of intelligence, and “Am I contributing?” brings in the body’s intelligence, the center of the action.

In order to function at peak performance, all three centers have to be on board and working in sync. If only one or two centers are on board, there is misalignment, and self-sabotage is likely. If all three are a unified YES, I know I’m right on track, and nothing inside will get in my way.

If a ‘no’ comes up, something needs to shift. If you aren’t enjoying yourself or not learning, it may be a shift in attitude or perspective is all that’s needed to get back in alignment. Not making a difference? Stepping up a little more may be what’s needed to satisfy the body’s need for contribution through taking right action. If ‘no’s’ come up consistently, something needs to change, especially if all three centers are a unanimous ‘no’. When the heart’s not happy, the head is no longer stimulated by new learning, and actions are no longer making a difference—it’s time to alter the circumstances and shake things up!

The beginning of the year is when we usually look more closely at our life and set new intentions and goals. As you examine each area of your life, take stock and make sure you have full buy-in from all three centers before committing to change in writing. Will achieving this make me happy? Am I learning something new? Is this contributing and making a difference? When all three centers of intelligence are aligned, there is great power unleashed to fuel your audacious goals.

Ask yourself these three questions, set your audacious goals and let’s make 2019 the year you accomplish them.

S’Marie Young, CPCC, Bold Aspiration Coaching
Enneagram, Leadership Development, and Executive Presence
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