by Ken Schmitt and Vicky Willenberg It’s a metrics-driven world. A company’s success or failure lies on the shoulders of its salespeople and their ability to bring in, upsell, and retain customers. Does that mean a successful salesperson is measured by [...]

Hiring: “More Than a Feeling”

by Ken Schmitt and Vicky Willenberg “You are going to make an excellent addition to our team. I can just feel it.” If only it were that simple… Realistically, there is a bit more science behind the process of quality, successful hiring. It’s no secret [...]

Get Out of Your Recruiter’s Way!

by Ken Schmitt and Vicky Willenberg Recruiters aren’t just sourcing for any candidate. They are scouring your candidate. Using their rich network, they are hunting down the highest quality active and passive job seekers in order to develop a talent pool [...]

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